Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bit Pit by LogyBit

Bit Pit, by LogyBit, is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for FREE! Find the download here! You can also play with a gamepad. :)

Bit Pit is defined as a
"Score-hoarding arcade jumparound for one or more players. You have been sentenced to death in the Bit Pit, where blocks of various deadliness are thrown down upon you like old boots down a well. The blocks build up, allowing to climb away from the pool of acid below."

Seriously, this thing is fun, just look at all of the freaking features:

  • Freaking awesome music
  • Freaking awesome animations
  • Freaking awesome gameplay
  • Freaking awesome blocks
  • Freaking positive feedback when you lose
Note: "Freaking" is used not only for emphasis, but as an inside joke to me.

You'll get addicted fast, and you'll keep trying and trying!

Although, time for some negative feedback!

The Negatives

There are no negatives!

Although, I do have some bitter things to comment on, but as always, I'll offer some suggestion (I'm not a critic, I just like to try to help and get people to try out freaking awesome games (like this one); please don't hurt me).

The Pickiness

  1. You have to hold down H to view the help menu (on the keyboard layout). That just simply irritates me.
  2. The help menu doesn't pause the game (when the game is in progress)
  3. The keyboard layout is secretly hidden (look closely!) It took me a while to figure out they were beside the gamepad layout stuff.


I only have one, and that is to either 
a.) Make the keyboard layout more visible on the main menu by turning up the opacity, or 
b.) Display keyboard layout, or the gamepad layout, depending on if a gamepad is detected (if possible).


This game is freaking awesome, and I'm going to keep playing. I'm proud of you, LogyBit! This is a fun game, and I hope to see more with it. Once again, Bit Pit is FREE, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can find the download link here!

You can follow me on twitter @CoderMusgrove, and you can find LogyBit on twitter @LogyBit. Have a great day. :)

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